Solution for Logging Data on an SD Card through Arduino Nano IoT Hardware?

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I wanted to check in and see if I can get some enlightenment on how SD Card logging through MAT files works.
I was trying to follow the guide posted here. However, it says "Arduino MKR 1000 or Arduino Due target hardware.", where I have a Nano 33 IoT with an SD card adapter. It's possible this feature is simply not compatible with my hardware, but there is so little out there (actually absolutely nothing) related to this adapter and Simulink that I simply don't know.
When I try to enable MAT file logging, the simulation time freezes at T = 0.000s. If I disable MAT file logging, it works fine. Of course, no log file is created either way. If I load up data logging on the Arduino IDE, it creates log files so I know the hardware works. Might you have any advice on how I might learn to find a solution that works through SImulink?
Syed Rizvi
Syed Rizvi on 18 Feb 2022
Do you still happen to have the code/s-function....would appreciate if you could share it? No example is working out for me.....I've gone to lengths in checking pin and hardware board definitions but all in vain....Through Arduino IDE the example codes just work hardware checks out....

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