How do I generate a confusion matrix for multi-class example?

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Kirty Vedula
Kirty Vedula on 22 Feb 2013
Commented: Selena Johnson on 30 Aug 2018
I have 8 classes to be allocated to a 10 X 800 sized dataset. I have done the classification successfully - using Support Vector Machines. But I am puzzled as to how I can show the results of it? How do I generate a confusion matrix for 8 classes? What is the best way to view the hyperplane generated by the multiclass SVM?
Please guide me through this. Provide me some examples.
Help is very much appreciated. Thanks!

Answers (2)

Eric Nunes
Eric Nunes on 25 Apr 2014
You just need to have 2 parameters, the predicted labels and the actual labels. After that just use C = confusionmat(predicted , Actual). It will construct the confusion matrix.

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