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Why doesn't my MATLAB exist sym, syms or solve,... function ?

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Ngo Nguyen
Ngo Nguyen on 23 Feb 2013
>> sym
Undefined function or variable 'sym'.
>> help dsolve
dsolve not found.
Use the Help browser search field to search the documentation, or type "help help" for help command options, such as help for methods.
My version is MATLAB R2012b. If there was the mistake in the installation process, how can I get add them to my program.
Thank you.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 23 Feb 2013
In the Academic and Professional Versions, the Symbolic Toolbox is an optional extra-cost toolbox that must be licensed and installed. It is, though, included as part of the Student Version (but must be installed). There is no Student Version for R2012b so that does not apply to you.

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