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Simscape Cable System with Non-Rotating Pulley

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Federico Tessari
Federico Tessari on 16 Nov 2020
Dear all,
I am working on the development of a multi-body model of a robotic finger on Simscape.
The finger is actuated through a cable system and the path the cable follows is bounded by different non-rotating pulleys. The figure below shows a sketch of the actuating principle.
I wasn't able to find a way on Simscape to model a non-rotating pulley and thus, for now, I am using the standard pulley available in the library. However this represents an ideal solution, while in our application the cable slide over the pulley and I would like to keep into account the friction between the non-rotating pulley and the cable.
Do you know any way to solve this issue?
Thanks in advance,
Kind regards,

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 4 Oct 2021
Hi Federico,
The Pulley block does not permit slip between the cable and the pulley. You can approximate the friction of the cable by adding friction to the joint of the pulley. A custom friction model (measure pulley rotational speed and other quantities, calculate resistance torque) may get you quite close to the friction of a cable sliding over a non-rotating pulley.
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Federico Tessari
Federico Tessari on 5 Oct 2021
Hi Steve,
Thanks for the support!
At the end we implemented the solution using a custom friction model and it worked well.
Thanks again,

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