Importing an OpenDrive file created with Roadrunner back into Roadrunner does not re-create the original geometry

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Aleksey Shepelev
Aleksey Shepelev on 20 Nov 2020
Edited: Rhea Chandy on 6 Jan 2021
Roadrunner Team,
I'm creating an OpenDrive file from a simple intersection shown below
Importing the OpenDrive file I just created back into Roadrunner produces this. So far so good.
However, after pressing "Convert Roads", I see the following result:
I would have expected that I would see the original intersection that I started with. Does this look like a bug, or am I doing something wrong with the export and import options?
Best Regards,

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Rhea Chandy
Rhea Chandy on 2 Dec 2020
I understand that you're having issues importing roads in OpenDRIVE in Roadrunner.
RoadRunner can import OpenDRIVE files and convert the data to the internal road format, however, there are limitations for the import of certain road types. They are listed in the following documentation : Importing OpenDRIVE Files
Rhea Chandy
Rhea Chandy on 16 Dec 2020
Hi Aleksy
This is appears to be a bug. Our developers are aware about it, and it may be fixed in future releases.
Are you trying to re-import a scene that already exists in RoadRunner to validate the OpenDRIVE data?
If so, we have the OpenDRIVE Export Preview tool for this. I recommend using this tool to verify the data rather than re-importing. Info:
This tool actually exports the OpenDRIVE and re-imports it for you, all behind the scenes and without issues.

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