Polyspace can not import Renesas Project

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Yuet Ching
Yuet Ching on 21 Nov 2020
Commented: Yuet Ching on 5 Dec 2020
In polyspace My renesas project can not import (use "create from build command")
why my compilation process can't be detected.
Build command : cubesuite+ /bcb /lp ".........185APP.mtpj"
In command output , can output build message , in build ended output the "*.hex" file ,
but in the end polyspace-configure ERROR tips :
polyspace-configure: 0s: ERROR: All programs detected are unknown: there is no matching compiler configuration. Executed programs are:
polyspace-configure: 0s: ERROR: cc78k0r D:/Renesas Electronics/CS+/CACX/CA78K0R/V1.70/Bin/cc78k0r.exe
polyspace-configure: 0s: ERROR: cubesuite+ D:/Renesas Electronics/CS+/CACX/CubeSuite+.exe
polyspace-configure: 0s: ERROR: lk78k0r D:/Renesas Electronics/CS+/CACX/CA78K0R/V1.70/Bin/lk78k0r.exe
polyspace-configure: 0s: ERROR: oc78k0r D:/Renesas Electronics/CS+/CACX/CA78K0R/V1.70/Bin/oc78k0r.exe
polyspace-configure: 0s: ERROR: ra78k0r D:/Renesas Electronics/CS+/CACX/CA78K0R/V1.70/Bin/ra78k0r.exe
polyspace-configure: 0s: ERROR: vf78k0r D:/Renesas Electronics/CS+/CACX/CA78K0R/V1.70/Bin/vf78k0r.exe
polyspace-configure: 0s: ERROR: No compilation unit detected in your build.
Possible sources for this error are:
- Your build command does not compile any C/C++ files.
- Your compiler was not called. You must force a clean rebuild.
- Your compiler is unknown to Polyspace. You must write a compiler configuration.
- You use a compiler cache (such as ccache). You must deactivate it.
- You use a distributed build system (such as distmake). You must deactivate it.
- You use a -include-sources/-exclude-sources combination that filters out every source file. Consider setting -print-included-files and -print-excluded-files.
polyspace-configure: 0s: ERROR: Fatal error
Writing to an *.bat file is the same problem.

Accepted Answer

Anirban on 24 Nov 2020
Edited: Anirban on 24 Nov 2020
Hi again,
The Renesas RL78 compiler toolchain has been deprecated by Renesas. See here for instance: https://www.renesas.com/eu/en/products/software-tools/tools/compiler-assembler/compiler-package-for-rl78-family.html . The latest release refers to the CC-RL compiler.
If you want to migrate to the newer CC-RL compiler, see more details here: https://www.renesas.com/eu/en/products/software-tools/tools/compiler-assembler/compiler-package-for-rl78-family-convert.html . Polyspace will directly detect the executables of the CC-RL compiler.
If migration is not possible, the above answer still holds.
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Yuet Ching
Yuet Ching on 5 Dec 2020
Thank you for your answer, I will try these methods .

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Anirban on 23 Nov 2020
The error message indicates that none of the executables detected during your build match with compilers known to Polyspace.
However, Renesas compilers are supported by Polyspace. So the error probably means that the compiler executable in your build command has a variation of a regular Renesas compiler executable name.
If you know which of the executables detected correspond to your compiler (for instance, it could be cc78k0r), you can follow the steps documented in Troubleshoot Project Creation for Unsupported Compilers. Copy an existing Renesas XML file from
And change the XML tag:
<compiler_names><name> ... </name><compiler_names>
To mention your compiler executable name.
However, this is an advanced workflow. For instance, there are four XML-s for Renesas compilers. Which one should you copy? Which one is your compiler closest to? Is it sufficient to just change the name or should other XML attributes also be changed? Therefore, you are recommended to contact Technical Support to help you get set up. See Contact Technical Support About Issues Running Polyspace.




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