Questions about the inverted pendulum function.

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O Kyung Kwon
O Kyung Kwon el 22 de Nov. de 2020
Respondida: Nikhil Sonavane el 25 de Nov. de 2020
I wrote the following functions using a nonlinear model. Myfun is a function that creates an inverted pendulum model, and the drawcartpend function is a function that draws a pendulum.
At this time, the following problems occur in each function, and I want to get an answer for them.
myfun function
function dx = myfun(x, M, m, L, g, b, u)
Sx = sin(x)(3));
Cx = cos(x(3));
dx(1,1) = x(2);
dx(2,1) = 1/(M+m-m*Cx*Cx)*(-b*x(2)+m*g*Cx*Sx+M*x(4)*Sx+u);
dx(3,1) = x(4);
dx(4,1) = -g/L*Sx-Cx/((M+m-m*Cx*Cx)*L*(-b*x2)+m*g*Cx*Sx*M*x(4)*Sx+u);
M = 3;
m = 1;
L = 2;
g = 10;
b = 0.5;
u = 0;
tspan = 0:.1:15;
x0 = [2*pi/3; .5];
[t,x] =ode45 (@(t,x)pend(x,m,L,g,b),tspan,x0);
Insufficient input arguments.
Value entered for variables M and u is not used.
It is not possible to verify that the variables t and x are interpolated.
drawcartpend function
function drawcartpend(x,L)
th = x(3); %theta
% draw the horizontal line
plot([-10 10],[0 0]',w','LineWidth',2)
Axis equal
hold on
% draw the pendulum line
x = L*sin(th);
y = -L*cos(th);
plot([0 x],[0 y]'w','LineWidth',2)
% draw the circle ball
bsize = 0.4; %ball dimeter
viscircles ([x, y], bsize/2);
% defined limits and colors
xlim([-5 5]);
ylim([-2.5 2.5]);
set (gca'Color',[0 0 0]', XColor,'w','YColor','w')
% box off
hold off
for k=1:length(t)
drawcartpend(x(k,:), L);
pause (0.01)
Insufficient input arguments.
Please reply as soon as possible.

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Nikhil Sonavane
Nikhil Sonavane el 25 de Nov. de 2020
From what I understand, you have declared input variables to their values inside the function itself. If they are just some constants there is not need of putting them into input arguments of the function. You may refer to function for more information on functions.


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