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In Polyspace Access R2020a, is it possible to autostart Access Cluster services on boot?

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Andrej Gantvorg
Andrej Gantvorg on 2 Dec 2020
Commented: Anirban on 4 Dec 2020
Polyspace Access has been installed on a Debian 9.13 machine according to the documentation.
After the cop-docker-agent is started, all child services (User Manager, Issue Tracker, Database, ETL, Web Server and Gateway) are in Stopped mode.
An administator has to log in to the Polyspace Access Cluster Operator website and start all the services manually.
Is it possible to configure the services to start automatically when cop-docker-agent is started?

Accepted Answer

Anirban on 2 Dec 2020
You can change the Docker restart policy so that the services restart automatically after a reboot. See more details in Configure Polyspace Access to Restart Automatically.
Anirban on 4 Dec 2020
Thanks for asking the question!
Just to clarify in case there is a confusion, the provisioning is a one-time activity. Once you provision, on every restart, you should not need to do the provisioning again.
However, if you do not want to do the one-time provisioning through the Cluster Operator page, there is no documented command-line way as of now to trigger the provisioning. You can use Docker commands to do the provisioning, but it would require knowing the relevant environment variables and volumes to be mounted. Please contact MathWorks Technical Support to help you with the automation.

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