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Converting a SPICE subcircuit to Simscape component

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Florian Sawallich
Florian Sawallich on 3 Dec 2020
Commented: Florian Sawallich on 19 Jan 2021
Hi everyone,
I have a serious problem, which I cannot solve myself.
Task: I want to convert a SPICE subcircuit to a Simscape component using the matlab syntax "subcircuit2ssc(filename,target)" The SPICE subcircuit are only related to Inductors and mutual inductors.
.subckt Ckt_model_series 1 2 3 4 5 6
L1 1 4 3.93e-09
L2 2 5 5.35e-09
L3 3 6 5.39e-09
K12 L1 L2 0.38
K13 L1 L3 0.45
K23 L2 L3 0.19
.ends Ckt_model_series
Problem: After converting I get the following message in the .ssc file:
% Users should manually implement the following SPICE commands in order to
% achieve a complete implementation:
% ckt_model_series: K12 l1 l2 0.38
% ckt_model_series: K13 l1 l3 0.45
% ckt_model_series: K23 l2 l3 0.19
This basically means all three inductor coupling are not taken into consideration. According to this link my syntax should be right.
Question: Where is my mistake and how can I manually implement the SPICE commands afterwards? I need this solution for even bigger circuits ...

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Pranav Verma
Pranav Verma on 11 Dec 2020
Hi Florian,
The link states that since SPICE is a rich language, it is not always possible to perform a full conversion without some manual intervention.
You can refer to the below link to see if it helps:

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Florian Sawallich
Florian Sawallich on 19 Jan 2021
Hi Pranav,
thank you for your reply. Do you have any ideas on how to manually implement the mutual inductors into the Simscape model?

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