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How to add a new module into my exist project

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Tran Thang
Tran Thang on 10 Dec 2020
Edited: Anirban on 10 Dec 2020
I analyzed my source code via Jenkins using Code Prover command line (Both result folder). In my project folder, there are 3 result folders and 2 of them are project modules that were created before.
I wanna know how to add the other (Both result folder) as the third project module by using command line.
Thanks for your help

Answers (1)

Anirban on 10 Dec 2020
Edited: Anirban on 10 Dec 2020
You can add the third module interactively in the Polyspace user interface and then generate scripts for command-line runs (or runs from CI systems such as Jenkins).
To create a new module that has the contents of the Both folder:
  1. On the Project Browser pane, right-click Project Source Files, select Add Source Folders, and then add the Both folder.
  2. Right-click Project Source Files again, and select Create New Module.
  3. Then right-click the Both folder under Project Source Files and using the Copy to item, copy this folder to the module you previously created.
You can then create scripts exclusively for that newly created module, and run those scripts at the command line. See more details in Configure Polyspace Analysis Options in User Interface and Generate Scripts. Specifically, this line is important to note:
"If a project has more than one module (with more than one configuration in each module), the options from the currently active configuration in the currently active module will be extracted in the script."
So, when generating your script, make sure that you have the new module selected.

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