How can I run parallel job on a specific node?

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I have access to a cluster, which contains several nodes, node01,node02, etc. The administrator has configured the Slurm profile of the cluster. When I run a script, it seems Slurm randomly assign a node for me.
Now, I want to run my program on a specific node, e.g. node01. As I do not have the admin privilege, I can only edit the profile of my own, under the menu Parallel->Manage cluster profile->edit. The only option that maybe related to node selecttion is the last one, i.e. cmd line arg.
Can I add cmd line arg to run my job on a specific node? Or is there any other configuration that non-admin user can edit?

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Edric Ellis
Edric Ellis on 10 Dec 2020
Based on this stackexchange answer what you need to do is set the SubmitArguments in the Cluster Profile Manager to
This is mentioned in the SLURM documentation for srun: .

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