convert a pixel intensity of gray-scale image to 1D type Signal

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I'm going to use a 1D wavelet for controlling the surface quality according to the taken images of the surface of the product. then I try to find the pixel intensity along the scanned line. but the input for the 1D wavelet should be the 1D signal.
I used "improfile" function to find a pixel intensity on a specific scanned line. then I have an intensity-distance profile.
now my question is: how can I convert this profile to a 1D signal inorder to use in wavelet?
Thank you

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Rohit Pappu
Rohit Pappu on 28 Dec 2020
The algorithm for converting RGB values to Intensity values is
This algorithm converts a n-by-1-by-3 vector into a n-by-1 vector
Additional Information about the color space conversion algorithm can be found here
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Sina Zinatlou
Sina Zinatlou on 28 Dec 2020
Dear Rohit
Thanks for your reply
Are you suggesting to use this method for getting intensity instead of my method?
Because I already have the intensity results and my problem is converting the pixel intensity to a 1D signal.

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