What is this error in Gazebo Co-Simulator?

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When I request to read a customized topic I get this error.
MATLAB System block 'Gazebo_Interface/Gazebo Subscribe/SourceBlock' error occurred when invoking 'resetImpl' method of 'robotics.slgazebo.internal.GazeboSubscribeBlk'. The error was thrown from '
'C:\Polyspace\toolbox\robotics\robotsimulink\robotslgazebo\+robotics\+slgazebo\+internal\GazeboSubscribeBlk.m' at line 60'.
Caused by:
Failed to subscribe to topic "/gazebo/default/state". The topic must be published by Gazebo simulator.
Gaurav Bhosale
Gaurav Bhosale on 2 Feb 2021
The error message shows "/gazebo/default/state" topic is not publish while the published topic is "gazebo/default/cessna_c172/state". Is anything is missing?
Also, how you are publishing message on "gazebo/default/cessna_c172/state" topic from Gazebo ? Do you have plugin?
If yes, then I will recommend you to re-intsall plugin by calling packageGazeboPlugin
You can check following example for latest plugin installation

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Gaurav Bhosale
Gaurav Bhosale on 4 Feb 2021
Hi Fabricio,
I am able to replicate enviorment you are using and able to subscribe topic without any issue.
To use custom message, you should follow all these steps,
2] Follow commands at end of gazebogenmsg call
>> addpath('S:\cessna\install')
3] Create Gazebo plugin
>> packageGazeboPlugin('cessnaPlugin.zip','S:\cessna')
4] Copy-paste 'cessnaPlugin.zip' on Ubuntu VM and build
Use following example to build plugin
cd /home/user/src/GazeboPlugin
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
5] If you have your own cessna.world file then add following line in the cessna.world file
<plugin name="GazeboPlugin" filename="lib/libGazeboCoSimPlugin.so"><portNumber>14581</portNumber></plugin>
6] Launch cessna.world file with
cd /home/user/src/GazeboPlugin/export
export SVGA_VGPU10=0
gazebo ../world/cessna.world --verbose
7] Once you launch cessna.world file the you can add Simulink blocks ( pacer and subscribe block) and subscribe 'gazebo/default/cessna_c172/state' topic.
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Fabricio Costa
Fabricio Costa on 4 Feb 2021
Thank you Bhosale =D, I don't know what my problem was.

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