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Hajji Alhajji
Hajji Alhajji el 30 de Dic. de 2020
Comentada: Harout Katerjian el 3 de Oct. de 2021
Dear all,
I hope this finds you well.
I have the following code which is supposed to be an example of phased array antennas, but I am struggling to add a PHASE SHIFT of 10 degrees between each antenna.
Would anyone be kind in guiding me on how to introduce a phase shift to this code please?
Thank you.
clc; clear;
c = 3*10^8; % Speed of light
f = 60*10^9; % Frequency of operation
lambda = c/f; % Wavelength
d = 0.5*lambda;
pow = 2*pi/lambda;
num_elements = 4; % Number of elements
j = sqrt(-1);
k = 1;
ang = 0:5:360;
ang_n = max(size(ang));
A = 1; % Omni-pattern
for i = 1 : ang_n
y = 0;
for nn = 0 : num_elements - 1
y = y + A*exp(-j*pow*cos(ang(i)*pi/180)*d*nn);
Amp(k) = abs(y);
k = k + 1;
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Harout Katerjian
Harout Katerjian el 3 de Oct. de 2021
did you find any solution for your problem, because i want also to implement a phased array beamforming with phase shift for each element antenna to give me the specific direction of the beamforing.

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