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I keep getting NaN values when computing the mean and standard deviation of an array

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Hi, I am attempting to calculate the mean of all the rows in a cell array called 'XTrain2_all' comprised of 4x30 doubles, however I keep getting NaN values instead of 4 mean values. The same happens when computing the standard deviation. How do I stop this from happening? Thanks in advance.
XV = [XTrain2_all{:}];
mu = mean(XV,2);
sg = std(XV,[],2);

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson el 6 de En. de 2021
Each of your rows has 30 NaN values.
In rows 1 and 2, they are in columns 95221 to 95250.
In rows 3 and 4, they are in columns 94951 to 94980 .
mean() of a value that includes nan is going to be nan, because anything added to nan gives nan as a result.
You can use
XV = [XTrain2_all{:}];
mu = mean(XV, 2, 'omitnan');
sg = std(XV, [], 2, 'omitnan');
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Cai Chin
Cai Chin el 7 de En. de 2021
Hi Steven, in my situation, the NaN values all follow eachother across 30 values. Therefore, instead of replacing by the previous number, is it possible to replace these 30 values with the 30 values prior to these missing ones rather than just replacing with the last non-missing value?

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