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How to generate a costant signal?

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Edoardo Demattei
Edoardo Demattei on 13 Jan 2021
Commented: Edoardo Demattei on 14 Jan 2021
I have some difficulties on this code. I want to generate a 10 V constant signal, which function should I use? In this short passage I generate a sinusoidal signal, thanks for support
N= 500; %number of samples
Np= 3; %number of periods
%% Sampling
n=(0:N-1)'; %indices of samples
Fx= Np/N; %digital frequency
wt= 2*pi*Fx*n; %argument of periodic functions
%% Sinusoidal signal, mean 0
Vmax=10; %max value
x_sin = Vmax*sin(wt);

Accepted Answer

Jon on 13 Jan 2021
Here's an example that you can add to the bottom of your code
%% Constant signal
sigVal=3; % example value
x_const = sigVal*ones(N,1)

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