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Checking duplicateentries in a large matrix

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Muhammad Shaikh
Muhammad Shaikh el 11 de Abr. de 2013
Hi all,
I have a very large matrix (901x1801) which I generated by combining values of three similar arrays (with repeated values in them) to generate unique codes using a mathematical expression. The matrix is filled with these codes.
My question is*...* How can I check that each values of the matrix (901x1801) is unique and not repeating even a single time?
Or... Can anyone tell me how can I generate a matrix by combining three arrays of similar elements in a way that each generated value will be unique.
an early reply will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Mahdi el 11 de Abr. de 2013
I would recommend looking at the unique() function in MATLAB.
In your case, it seems that you want to have unique values, so it would basically be
This would generate Matrix2 with unique, non-repeating values, and sorts them in increasing order.
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Mahdi el 11 de Abr. de 2013
You can also use [C, C1, A1]=unique(Matrix1) to get where these values are. Look at the link for unique that I posted for more variations.

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