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How can I extract one column from this matlab file?

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Tony el 11 de Abr. de 2013
Dear All,
I have this matlab print as you can see below and I want to extract for example the column e ? How can I do that? I am new to matlab and I really appreciate your help. I tried many ways but I couldn't.
Thank you in advance for your assistance
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Leah el 11 de Abr. de 2013
We would need to know how the data is stored. Look at the workspace variables. It kind of looks like a dataset, but you said it was a print out? like on the command window?
Tony el 12 de Abr. de 2013
Leah, Thank you for your help. I was having confusion and I think I confused you too but I got it right. Mr Mahdi just modified my code slightly so I get the second column extracted.
I really appreciate your comment and your ability to solve my confusion.

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Mahdi el 11 de Abr. de 2013
If I were to assume that the column e is the second column and the name of the matrix it's in is matrix1, then:
RequiredColumn=matrix1(1:end, 2);
As you can see, in the first part of matrix1, I ask MATLAB to recall all the rows; from first row to the last row. In the second part, I ask MATLAB to only extract data from the second column. (You might need to use matrix1(2:end,2).

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