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downloading the same file to multiple locations

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Hello all,
I want to download a single file from an ftp server but place multiples copies of it in different target directories in my local PC.
I was doing the following:
ftpobj = ftp('');
mget(ftpobj,'README.txt', C:\Users\Desktop\folder1);
This downloads the 'README.txt' file into my target folder having the path - C:\Users\Desktop\folder1.
I would however like to have the same 'README.txt' file in multiple folders like for example in C:\Users\Desktop\folder1, C:\Users\Desktop\folder2 and C:\Users\Desktop\folder3 with the condition that the file 'README.txt' should be downloaded ONLY ONCE from the ftp server.
Is there any way to do that - i.e is it possible to download the file into multiples folders/targets using mget?

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Matt Gaidica
Matt Gaidica el 15 de En. de 2021
Yes. Download it then use the local path and copyfile
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson el 15 de En. de 2021
Yes, or if you have more destinations, loop
for dest = 2 : 5
copyfile('README.txt', sprintf('%s%d', 'C:\Users\Desktop\folder', dest));
Mahith Madhana Kumar
Mahith Madhana Kumar el 15 de En. de 2021
Thank you both.

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