Polyspace MISRA-CPP 2008 Coding rule custom setting

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WON HEE LEE on 25 Jan 2021
Answered: Anirban on 26 Jan 2021
Hi, I have a question about Polyspace MISRA CPP custom setting.
I wanted to enable all of MISRA CPP coding rules, but i couldn't set some rules such as "0-1-3A ~ 0-1-6A"
In the comment box, It says it's not implemented.
Is it related with license or Polyspace version?
I'm using Polyspace R2015a.

Answers (1)

Anirban on 26 Jan 2021
Hi Won,
The message means that those rules are not implemented in the Polyspace version that you are using. The coverage of standards increases every release. So, with the release that is latest as of this answer (R2020b), 210 MISRA C++ rules are supported as opposed to 187 in the release that you have.

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