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I have a question regarding simulink control system tuner. I used this system open_system('scdspeedctrlleadlag') from this tutorial https://de.mathworks.com/help/slcontrol/ug/tuning-custom-masked-subsystems.html , but not exactly like described:
I want to tune this system not with the control system designer but the control system tuner. You can select the same inputs and outputs and a step response goal and tune the system. But it seems the control system tuner is unable to update the block parameters. When you tune the results and click update blocks you get the following warning message:
Warning: The block "scdspeedctrlleadlag/Feedback Controller/Lead-Lag Controller" is not one of the supported blocks for tuning. The tuned value must be
written back manually.
> In controldesign.blockconfig/slBlockConfig/writeParamToSLMaskParameters (line 122)
In slTuner/writeBlockValue (line 63)
In systuneapp.data/ControlDesignData/updateSimulinkBlock (line 355)
In systuneapp.tabs/HomeTabNew/updateSimulinkBlock (line 51)
In systuneapp.tabs.HomeTabNew>@(es,ed)updateSimulinkBlock(this) (line 489)
In matlab.ui.internal.toolstrip/Button/ActionPerformedCallback (line 143)
In matlab.ui.internal.toolstrip.base.Control>@(event,data)ActionPerformedCallback(this,event,data) (line 328)
In matlab.ui.internal.toolstrip.base/Action/PeerEventCallback (line 839)
In matlab.ui.internal.toolstrip.base.ActionInterface>@(event,data)PeerEventCallback(this,event,data) (line 49)
In hgfeval (line 62)
In javaaddlistener>cbBridge (line 52)
In javaaddlistener>@(o,e)cbBridge(o,e,response) (line 47)
I need to use custom masked subsystems and if the control system tuner cannot tune then I have wasted the money for the license. I know I can extract in this example the values by hand or script but my real usecase has a lot more masked subsystems.

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Nitin Kapgate
Nitin Kapgate on 10 Feb 2021
Edited: Nitin Kapgate on 10 Feb 2021
Currently the ability to use the Control System Tuner to tune parameters in masked subsystems is not available in Simulink Control Design. However I have brought this issue to the attention of the concerned people and it might be considered in future releases.
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Balazs Fischer
Balazs Fischer on 10 Feb 2021
Edited: Balazs Fischer on 10 Feb 2021
Thanks you for the answer.
Also I cannot see the tuned parameters to write them back manually. The most I can see is the state space representation of the tuned subsystem from which I have to calculate the parameters. Is there a way to view the parameters or get them with a script?

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