Error in fuzzy logic controller file

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My simulink model file and fis files are in same folder.
When i try opening the fis file am getting an error.
please help

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Asvin Kumar
Asvin Kumar on 10 Feb 2021
Edited: Asvin Kumar on 10 Feb 2021
This error arises because your FIS file is not found in the present working directory (pwd).
This is mentioned in the docs for the FIS Name parameter.
You could:
  1. Change MATLAB's pwd to the directory in which the FIS file is saved.
  2. Or you could add the path to the FIS w.r.t the current directory in the FIS name field. e.g. 'fuzzyshowerdemo/shower.fis'
  3. Or add the FIS file to the MATLAB path.


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