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Changing a specific value in a matrix

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Mirko el 26 de Abr. de 2013
Quick question :)
Have searched all over for a solution to this problem.
I would like to change a value in a matrix, it could as little as a 3x5 matrix for instance.
I request a x,y input where i would want a function to change the value (it could be from 0 to 1 or 9) in the matrix (2,4 for instance). I have found plenty of solutions where you change all the 0's to 1's but not a specific target.
Thanks in advance

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Mahdi el 26 de Abr. de 2013
Let your data be in matrix A, and x,y are the indices where you want to change the value
A(x,y)=2 %2 is just a random number I chose.
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Mirko el 26 de Abr. de 2013
Oh god that was easy! Thanks alot for the help :)
*Rest his head in shame!!

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