Standalone App installation folder

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Jan Prochazka
Jan Prochazka on 11 Feb 2021
Answered: Arturo Pino on 23 Aug 2021
I amtrying to write miltilanguage app and i would like to keep track of the user prefences. I would like to use a mat file to store the last options user selected and I would like to keep it in the installation folder. How can I read it?
returns the intended address only if the App is run directly from the installation folder. If run using desktop link it returns the desktop address.
files = matlab.apputil.getInstalledAppInfo;
[path,~,~] = fileparts(files(1).location)
throws either "Index exceeds the number of array elements (0)." when trying to access files(1).location when executed from Matlab command line or App Designer or "Cannot resolve matlab.apputil.getInstalledAppInfo" when executed from the standalone app.
How can I get the installation folder name to be able to store metadata neatly? Preferrably the way I can compile for Windows and linux without changing the code much.
Arturo Pino
Arturo Pino on 22 Aug 2021
I have the same question, were you able to resolve this?

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Answers (2)

Rik on 23 Aug 2021

I personally use this function to store persistent files regardless of OS and runtime version: GetWritableFolder.

Arturo Pino
Arturo Pino on 23 Aug 2021
I was able to resolve this with this solution:
[~, result] = system('path');
appDir = char(regexpi(result, 'Path=(.*?);', 'tokens', 'once'));
Matlab adds the path of the stand-alone desktop app to the front system path on every session, so this function checks for the first entry on PATH. This worked really well for me.

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