Implement three-phase delta connection to Induction Motor

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Christo van Rensburg
Christo van Rensburg el 15 de Feb. de 2021
Comentada: Daniek van der Kop el 29 de Jun. de 2022
Good day everyone,
I'm looking to connect my induction motor to a delta connection for three-phase power. Below is how I have it currently which if I'm not mistaken is Y-connected:
Could anyone please help as to how I would do this for a delta connection?

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Amrtanshu Raj
Amrtanshu Raj el 22 de Abr. de 2021
There is no direct block to implement 3 phase delta source in Simscape.
However, you can find here a method here to implement delta source in Simscape.
Hope this helps !
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Daniek van der Kop
Daniek van der Kop el 29 de Jun. de 2022
Hello, I'm wondering if there is a solution right now because there are newer version. I'm using 2021a, is it possible to connect an induction motor with a delta connection in that version?
kind regards,

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