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Darshan Gade
Darshan Gade on 16 Feb 2021
Commented: Darshan Gade on 18 Feb 2021
Hello All,
I created a coding rules option object and saved it into a .mat file. Whenever i have to perform polyspace verification i just load .mat file ans assign it to option object using following command.
prj.Configuration.CodingRulesCodeMetrics.MisraC3Subset = misraRules;
here 'prj' is polyspace project object and 'misraRules' is coding rules option object.
I am getting following object while loading .mat file.
SWITCH expression must be a scalar or a character vector.
Error in polyspace.option.Item/checkValue
Error in polyspace.option.Item/set.Value
Please guide.
Darshan Gade
Darshan Gade on 17 Feb 2021
sorry for incomplete data. i have commented below.

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Answers (1)

Anirban on 16 Feb 2021
You have to share the commands you are using for us to see what might be happening.
If you are simply doing something like this, this seems to work.
>> misraRules = polyspace.CodingRulesOptions('misraC2012'); % Creating rules object
>> misraRules.Section_2_Unused_code.rule_2_1 = false; % Some rule disabling
>> save('file.mat','misraRules') % Saving to mat file
>> clear % Starting from a clean workspace
>> load('file.mat','misraRules') % Loading rules object from mat file
>> proj = polyspace.Project; % Creating project object
>> proj.Configuration.CodingRulesCodeMetrics.MisraC3Subset = misraRules; % Assigning rules to project
Darshan Gade
Darshan Gade on 18 Feb 2021
I think that could be the issue as .mat file is created with MATLAB\polyspace 2020b and i am using it on MATLAB\Polyspace 2018b

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