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I am getting a parameter called 'test' in a for loop. I want to write it to a matrix or array without overwriting. Each loop has a different dimension so that makes it a bit complicated.
I need on line h 'r' values of test, line h the new 'r' values of test and so on. So test needs to come in row h, column r.
for h = 3:10
A = []
for r = 1:g
for m = 1:numbcenterlines
percentage(m) = sum(distance>0 & distance <1) / numel(distance)*100;
test = max(percentage,[],'all');
A(r,h) = [A;test] %this part doesn't work well so my question is how to fix this part and get an array here with all the test values without overwriting

Accepted Answer

Stephen on 18 Feb 2021
You are mixing up two different approaches to adding data in a loop: concatenation and indexing. Just pick one, e.g.:
A = [A;test];
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 18 Feb 2021
Do not do the
A = [];
inside your outer loop.

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