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Finding LAT LONG inside a circle of a given LAT LONG .

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M M Nabi
M M Nabi on 20 Feb 2021
Answered: M M Nabi on 24 Feb 2021
I have a LAT LONG (point A). I have another set of LAT LONG. I want to find LAT LONG points within 5km radius of point A.
How can I do that?

Accepted Answer

Bruno Luong
Bruno Luong on 20 Feb 2021
Edited: Bruno Luong on 20 Feb 2021
% Random data
n = 10000;
earthradius = 6357;
rA = 1000; % distance from A
[xA,yA,zA] = sph2cart(deg2rad(lonA),deg2rad(latA),1);
[x,y,z] = sph2cart(deg2rad(lonP(:)),deg2rad(latP(:)),1);
P = [x,y,z];
A = [xA,yA,zA];
% W. Kahan method
alpha = 2*atan(vecnorm(A-P,2,2) ./ vecnorm(A+P,2,2));
inrA = abs(alpha) <= rA/earthradius; % logical array, 1 if the distance from A is <= rA
close all
hold on
plot3(xA,yA,zA,'r+', 'Linewidth', 3);
plot3(x(~inrA),y(~inrA),z(~inrA),'.','Color',0.8+[0 0 0]);
axis equal

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M M Nabi
M M Nabi on 24 Feb 2021
It works better like that..
[deg,~] = distance(STATION_LAT_A,STATION_LON_A, sp_lat_all, sp_lon_all);
D = deg2km(deg);


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