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How to create a copy of a standard simscape block that i can modify equations

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Eric D
Eric D on 10 May 2013
Commented: Steven on 30 Jan 2017
Hi all,
I would like to modify the rotational electromechanical converter block, found in the foundation library (electrical -> electrical elements) and then save it as a new block.
I have found the mathworks help and tutorials to not simply address this. they dive into creating your own libraries, etc.
Does anyone have a list of steps to do this?

Answers (2)

Eric D
Eric D on 6 Jun 2013
you can follow this workflow:
1. Open the block dialog box and click the "View source for Name" link. 2. Copy and modify the source, as desired, and save the resulting .ssc file in a package directory on your machine. 3. Run ssc_build on this package directory.
For details on how to package your files and how to run the ssc_build command, see
Note that the "View source for Name" link is available only for the blocks in Simscape Foundation library. Blocks in add-on products (such as SimDriveline, SimElectronics, etc.) do not have this link.
Thank you, Helen Eventov Senior Technical Writer

pietro on 6 Jun 2013
Hi Eric,
you should check the simscape language manual. Read the second chapter.


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