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My while loop and rem function create an infinite loop

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I have to use a while loop to ensure user input is an integer between 3 and 50. I set up constraints to do this but once I use the rem function to flag for noninteger it runs and infinite loop for my fprintf. What am I doing wrong?
%get user input
prompt = ('Enter a number for the length of your array: ');
x = input(prompt);
%have user input be an integer between 3-50
%test for noninteger
while (x < 3 || x > 50 || rem(x,1) ~= 0)
fprintf('Please enter an integer between 3 and 50: ');

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 27 Feb 2021
You do give a chance for the user to enter x again, so you are testing the same x each time.
Krista Clark
Krista Clark on 28 Feb 2021
I had a typo in my code and ended up figuring it out. Thank you so much.

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