Compare two datasets of different units

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So I have two datasets
Set 1 contains values stored as 575x1 double, in the unit of kBq/cc, it is measured each half second
Set 2 contains values stored as 487x1 double, in the unit if Bq, it is stored each whole second
I want to plot them in the same figure to compare the two sets, but due to there being a order shift, the second set of data is much larger than the first set.
How can I find a calibration factor/coefficient that maybe I can use to make the second set in the same units as the first set (i.e make Bq to kBq/cc)?
I was thinking about a regression analysis, but I do not really know if the R I get from set 1 acutally is just to multiply with set 2 and it gives the right unit. I am really out on deep water and unsure of what to do.
I will post the three plots I've made so it will be easier to visualize the data

Accepted Answer

Veronica Taurino
Veronica Taurino on 2 Mar 2021
Edited: Veronica Taurino on 2 Mar 2021
You could just plot them in one figure with two axes:
Veronica Taurino
Veronica Taurino on 4 Mar 2021
Edited: Veronica Taurino on 4 Mar 2021
I get it better know. Maybe you already know it but try checking with the instrument producer, they should provide some calibration factors.

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