How to obtain the image of the Hall effect

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Boyuan ZHOU
Boyuan ZHOU on 2 Mar 2021
Answered: Dakai Hu on 22 Apr 2021
Good morning everyone,
I'm now working on a simulation of a Brushless Motor with three phases, and I need to obtain the image of the Hall effect.
However, in my simulation followed by the tuto of the mathwork, I can not find a place to add the scope.
I try another methode by using the PMSM, and successfully I get the image I need. But these two motors are not the same.
I find some exemples in the book and I find that they use PMSM as BLDC. So it's a bit awkward.
The probleme is that, if I use the BLDC, I cannot manage to obtain the image, but with PMSM I can, and to make things worst, PMSM is not the same as BLDC.

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Dakai Hu
Dakai Hu on 22 Apr 2021
When you configure the back EMF waveform in the PMSM block to be "Trapezoidal", it functions as a BLDC. As a matter of fact, BLDC can be considered a special type of PMSM. The main difference between the two, in addition to their back-EMF shapes, is their drive techniques (BLDC uses commutation logic while PMSM moslty uses FOC).

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