How to resample a signal by a fraction

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Saed el 17 de Mayo de 2013
Comentada: Kir el 25 de Mayo de 2020
I have the time-domain received signal v(t) and I want to re-sample it at as v(t/(1+a)), where a is not an integer and it is in the order of ~10^-3. How can I do that in MATLAB, since the resample function requires that both P and Q be integer?

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Matt Kindig
Matt Kindig el 19 de Mayo de 2013
Editada: Matt Kindig el 19 de Mayo de 2013
You could use interpolation instead. Something like this:
vnew = interp1( t, v, t/(1+a), 'linear');
You could use other interpolation approaches ('spline','cubic', etc.) as well, as appropriate.
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Saed el 20 de Mayo de 2013
This seems to work just fine.

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David Barry
David Barry el 17 de Mayo de 2013
I suggest you reciprocate your a variable and round it to the nearest integer. You then just need to make sure you get the arguments the correct way in the resample function.
y = resample(x,p,q) resamples the sequence in vector x at p/q times the original sampling rate
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Kir el 25 de Mayo de 2020
P and Q are integers

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Malcolm Lidierth
Malcolm Lidierth el 19 de Mayo de 2013
Is this any help?
% SincResample returns the data convolved with a set of time-shifted windowed sinc functions, one for each of the samples [1..size(x,1)] in the input signal.


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