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Initial condition estimation using tfest

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Maryam Abdollahi
Maryam Abdollahi el 4 de Mzo. de 2021
Comentada: Maryam Abdollahi el 10 de Mzo. de 2021
I am trying to find initial condition information using tfest estimation. However, once I use "[sys_tf,ic] = tfest(data,np,nz);" I will get the error:
Error using tfest
Too many output arguments.
I cannot find the problem. I appreciate if anyone can help.

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Sindhu Karri
Sindhu Karri el 9 de Mzo. de 2021
Editada: Sindhu Karri el 10 de Mzo. de 2021
The output parameter for tfest function is sys till R202a and from R202b it has sys and ic as its output parameters.This difference in output arguments is causing the error. To fix it , upgrade to MATLAB latest version. Refer to below link to upgrade MATLAB
Refer to below help document links of tfest function in R2020a and R2020b versions for better understanding

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