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polyspace metrics - Multiple user at a time

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Darshan Gade
Darshan Gade on 5 Mar 2021
Commented: Darshan Gade on 15 Mar 2021
I configured polyspace metrics server on build pc with server name as its IP and PortNum as default.
I was able to open the polyspace metrics on web browser using http://IP_Of_Build_PC:8080/#
i am trying to do the same on another pc(slave pc). I configure server name as IP of build PC and port as 12427. I am not able to open metrics either directly through web browser or through polyspace --> metrics---> open metrics.
i started polyspace metrics server on both PCs before trying above step.

Accepted Answer

Anirban on 8 Mar 2021
You should stop the Metrics server running on the slave.
You can also check a few things:
1) Are you able to ping the build server from the slave? Otherwise, there is a problem to fix there.
2) Are you entering http://IP_Of_Build_PC:8080/# on the web browser in the slave?
Darshan Gade
Darshan Gade on 15 Mar 2021
Thanks for the update.
It was firewall issue. i used telnet to check communication status in port number 12427 and firewall was blocking it. Internal IS team have resolved issue.

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