Are there any speed/memory implications for using "always dbstop on error"?

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I often find it handy to use the "Always dbstop on error" option for the debugger, but am wondering if there is any drawback in terms of speed and memory to always using this option. I have no particular reason to think that there is, but am just wondering if there is a reason, other than personal preference not to have this setting as the default in my startup.m file.

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Jan on 18 May 2011
The JIT acceleration does not gain full speed in debug mode. With the JIT compilation the order of executions can be influenced, such that line-by-line debugging would lead to surprising results.
Therefore a breakpoint in the code slows down the execution measureable, 10% in some tests. The effects of "dbstop if error" are smaller, about 1 to 2% in my tests. But this is very near to the measurement accuracy. So I assume the benefits for debugging will top te drawback for the speed.

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