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how save plot in specific folder ?

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Muhannad Saleh
Muhannad Saleh on 10 Mar 2021
Commented: Jan on 11 Mar 2021
i uesd ( spectrogram ) to plot pic i need save this pic in specific folder i created i use ( exportgraphics ) but is save in current folder how can save with any folder whant

Accepted Answer

Jan on 10 Mar 2021
Add the wanted path to the file name:
filename = fullfile('D:\Your\Folder', 'File.jpg')
exportgraphics(obj, filename)
Jan on 11 Mar 2021
Folder = 'D:\Your\Folder';
for k = 1:100
filename = sprintf('File%03d.jpg', k);
file = fullfile(Folder, filename);
exportgraphics(obj, file);

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Ruger28 on 10 Mar 2021
In older versions of MATLAB:
filename = fullfile('D:\Your\Folder', 'File.jpg');
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Muhannad Saleh
Muhannad Saleh on 11 Mar 2021
how can save more pic in loop with difrient name ?

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