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how to accumulate 10 minute values to daily values

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Arthur Leon
Arthur Leon on 10 Mar 2021
Commented: Arthur Leon on 11 Mar 2021
I have found a piece of code which i adapted to get the accumulated daily values of actual Evapotranspiration (act_ET)
for a unknown reason i get a double array of the correct size lenght for act_ET and for act_ET_daily i only get one single value.
This alone would be ok, but the values of act_ET seem to be far to low.
Where is the mistake or is there even an easier way to get the cumulated daily value?
Looking forward to help from somebody.
Thanks in advance.
Best regards,
Arthur Leon
act_ET = table2array(T(: , 4));
% make daily values of act_ET
t = 0:numel(act_ET)-1 ; % time stamps
interval = 144 ;
ix = 1+floor((t-t(1))/interval);
act_ET_daily = accumarray(ix(:),act_ET(:));
Arthur Leon
Arthur Leon on 11 Mar 2021
i acutally found my error.
I called act_ET in a way that only the values for one speciific tme at a day were loaded.
Thanks for trying to solve my problem.

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