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Any way to get the "current" class

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Joan Puig
Joan Puig on 29 May 2013
I am writing some object oriented code (with classdef), and it would be convenient for me to have a function like this:
Where it returns the metadata of the class in which it is called. In the event that the function is called from some other place (script or simple function) it should error
Is there a way to get that?
Thanks, Joan
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Joan Puig
Joan Puig on 30 May 2013
One of the goal is to be able to write error messages that include the class name on it. At the same time, to make the code as easy to maintain as possible, I don't want to hardcode the class name.

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Accepted Answer

per isakson
per isakson on 6 Jun 2013
This might be a start. (TODO: not a class, class in package, function in package.)
>> MyTestClass.Update
Class_name: MyTestClass
Method_name: Update
classdef MyTestClass < handle
methods ( Static )
function Update()
[ cls, method ] = current_class();
fprintf( 'Class_name: %s\nMethod_name: %s\n', cls.Name, method )
function [ cls, str ] = current_class( )
% See also: mfilename
dbk = dbstack( 1, '-completenames' );
if isempty( dbk )
str = 'base';
str = dbk(1).name;
cac = regexp( str, '\.', 'split' );
switch numel( cac )
case 1
case 2
cls = meta.class.fromName( cac{1} );
str = cac{2};
case 3
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Joan Puig
Joan Puig on 6 Jun 2013
Yes, this sounds like it should work.

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 29 May 2013
Edited: Sean de Wolski on 29 May 2013
Not sure I totally understand what you want. You have a class, C, and you pass an object, obj, of class C into some function, foo, via one of its methods or some other function and you want to be able to retreive the metadata of the obj or of class C? If the object is available, use:
If that is not the case, could you please clarify. You could have your function to a simple:
as well or instead...
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Joan Puig
Joan Puig on 30 May 2013
Using the metaclass(object) will get me a step closer, but in the static context I do not have access to an object to be able to pass it in.

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