Turning a function into anonymous function

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Maja Zdulska
Maja Zdulska on 17 Mar 2021
Commented: Maja Zdulska on 17 Mar 2021
Hi everyone,
I have this piece of code:
T_0 = 100; % initial temperature (deg C)
T_a = 10; % temperature of water used for cooling (deg C)
k = 0.034; % constant (dimensionless)
dt = 1; % temporal step (min)
Ts = 120; % prediction timespan (min)
t = [0:dt:Ts]; %temporal grid vector
%analytical solution
T_an1 = T_a+(T_0-T_a)*exp(-k*t);
T_an2 = @(t)T_a+(T_0-T_a)*exp(-k*t);
I would like to turn the function into anonymous (T_an2). Something is missing in the last line of the code, but I can't figure out what it is.
Any advice?

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Alan Stevens
Alan Stevens on 17 Mar 2021
What do you think is wrong with it? It works ok. Add
at the end to see the result.
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Maja Zdulska
Maja Zdulska on 17 Mar 2021
Oh, I think I was misleaded by the way it came out in the workspace.
Thanks anyway!

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