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Voulgarakis Georgios
Voulgarakis Georgios on 7 Jun 2013
Hallo everybody.
I need some help with the following: I have to create an animation, of several plots.
BUT, I CANNOT use the standard procedure of having a for loop, and inside the for plot, because the result is something which is not smooth. Probably due to the computation complexity, sometimes it lags...
Therefore, I was thinking about making a video out of the desired animation, and then play the video. The problem is though, that I DO NOT want to play the animation first, and then play the video. I only want to play the video, which has to be a result of several plots.
So in essence:
for i=1:frames
plot(...) %-> I would like this plot not to be visualized.
In the plot command, I would like not to plot and update the axes component. I just want somehow to export the image (frame) that would be the result of this command, and then save it as a frame for my video. (Without actually plotting).
Any help would be greatly appreciated... :)

Accepted Answer

Angus on 7 Jun 2013
Use the 'visible' setting, initially set the figure
f = figure('visible','off')
and if you want to change it at some point then
This will make things faster to compute as it does not have to update the display as it runs. It will still be updating the plot and axes but you just wont see it.
Voulgarakis Georgios
Voulgarakis Georgios on 13 Jun 2013
thank you very much for your help! I really appreciate your help!

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