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WriteFile failed with error 112

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Venkata Narendra
Venkata Narendra on 25 Mar 2021
Commented: Anirban on 1 Apr 2021
I am encounter the error "WriteFile failed with error 112" while using the Polyspace Code Prover for doing the static analysis.
Please help to resolve the issue.

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Anirban on 26 Mar 2021
Edited: Anirban on 26 Mar 2021
This is a Windows error that seems to be associated with a disk being almost full or corrupted files. Is it possible that your results folder is in a disk that is almost getting full?
Anirban on 1 Apr 2021
The product provides you various strategies for reducing memory usage. All these strategies focus on modularizing the analysis in some way or another. For more information, see Reduce Analysis Time and Memory Usage.
Your best bet is, if there is some existing modularization of your application, perhaps through targets in a makefile, you can leverage those for breaking up the Code Prover analysis into modules. See a simple example in Modularize Polyspace Analysis by Using Build Command.
However, it is often the case that strategies for modularizing that actually help are very specific to the codebase being analyzed. If you contact Technical Support, they can offer you solutions specific to your codebase. See Contact Technical Support.

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