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convert Hexadecimal to decimal in text file

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Hi everyone,
I have a text file with thousand of rows and 8 column, below is some examples of the contents:
00baf 00b4d 00bee 00af7 00bae 00bab 000c8 00c03
00bba 00b2c 00bf5 00b0d 00bbd 00bc47 00c1b 00bfc
00bb5 00b1d 00c07 00b30 00bd0 00be77 00c39 00c04
I want to convert these hexadecimal to decimal value for the whole text file, can someone help me with this. Thank you very much.

Accepted Answer

Sulaymon Eshkabilov
Sulaymon Eshkabilov on 30 Mar 2021
Use reshape():
reshape(DECd, 4, 6) % Because your converted data is 24 - by -1
Good luck
Dung Tran
Dung Tran on 30 Mar 2021
nice, that works really GOOD. Thank you Mr Sulaymon. Have a good Monday!

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Sulaymon Eshkabilov
Sulaymon Eshkabilov on 26 Mar 2021
Here is the one of the easy solutions:
FN = 'HD.txt'; % File name
% Open the data file to process:
ID = fopen(FN);
% Scan the file:
data = textscan(ID, '%s'); % NB: All read data is put into a cell array
% Convert the imported cell array data into one
data = data{1};
% Convert Hexidecimal data into Decimal data
DECd = hex2dec(data);
Good luck
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Dung Tran
Dung Tran on 29 Mar 2021
Thank you very much, it works for Hex to dec, but the result is only in 1 column, do you know how to modify it into 8 column value ? like example below:
13311 13349 11381 18318 13183 13131
13143 13123 54453 12313 23423 13122
so on...
As your example, you put read data into a cell array. How can I put read data into 8 cell column array ?

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