Error using Permute with netcdf data

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Hello all,
This will be my first question here,
I have been working with EOFs from CDT toolbox documentation,
I get the follwoing :
Error using permute
ORDER must have at least N elements for an N-D array.
Dimensions of variables:
Attached is my code
lat = double(ncread('K:\Trials\','lat'));
lon = double(ncread('K:\Trials\','lon'));
t = double(ncread('K:\Trials\','time')+datenum(1979,1,0));
sic = ncread('K:\Trials\','ice');
% rows = lon>=150 & lon<=210;
% lon = lon(rows);
% cols = lat>=-90 & lat<=-60;
% lat = lat(cols);
% times = t>=datenum('jan 1, 1979');
% t = t(times);
% sic = permute(sic,[2 1 3]);
[eofmap,pc] = eof(sst,1);

Accepted Answer

meghannmarie on 1 Apr 2021
I see you are reading a variable named "ice" :
sic = ncread('K:\Trials\','ice');
Do you mean to read a variable named "sic"?
sic = ncread('K:\Trials\','sic');
If not, what is size of your ice variable? Can you attach a file?

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