MWMCR instance could not be initialized - throw System.App​licationEx​cetion

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MCR is installed. Path is set correctly.
Any way I try to use matlab - either as .NET or COM, it crushes when it tries to init the MWMCR.
I've added the cs file and I see that it crushes in this line:
mcr= new MWMCR("", ctfFilePath, embeddedCtfStream, true);
I've tried with ctf embedded, and without. nothing matters. Windows 8 x64, MCR ver 8.1 Dot net set to 4.0 target x64.
Any ideas how I can pass this line and start using my functions ?

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Chetan Rawal
Chetan Rawal on 3 Sep 2013
If you are still facing trouble, I would suggest contacting MathWorks support ( ). They can try to reproduce your errors to see what is causing them, and help you out.


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