Identify Simulink blocks by shape and ports?

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Is there a facility to help people figure out what block shapes are which Simulink / Simscape blocks?
I see people posting Simulink / Simscape Electrical / Simscap Electrical Specialized Power Systems diagrams (and other related products), and a lot of the time I do not know exactly which blocks are being referred to -- especially as some of the common electrical elements occur in three different domains. It would help if there is a facility that could guide through identifying blocks.
For example yesterday I was looking at a diagram that had a block that looked vaguely like a transistor (something that looked like it just might represent a silicon gate being being controlled by a control channel, together with an input and output. But the diagram was absolutely completely unlike any of the transistors I could find search the documentation. The block had "S" "D" and "g" ports, which could have been important information in isolating which block it was... but the topics I could find with "S" "D" and "b" were zpk representations of control systems, and there does not appear any ZPK blocks as such.
Or another item on the same diagram was the curly line that was obviously an inductor of some kind. But there are multiple inductors in Simulink / Simscape* and how do I know I got the right one? Being able to search by "inductor" and see all of the possibilities would have been useful.
Yes in the case of inductor I could probably have started up Simulink and created a diagram and started typing "inductor" to see what I was offered -- but it would only have offered me components from libraries and products that I have installed, and there is a need to be able to identify blocks even when one does not have the libraries installed.
For example the facility could potential offer to restrict by number of ports (which would have to take into account optional ports), and port names, and diagram description such as number of disconnected lines.

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Tarunbir Gambhir
Tarunbir Gambhir on 29 Apr 2021
You can use this Mathworks documentation link to search among all the Simulink blocks. You can even select a particular toolbox to look for your block.
Tarunbir Gambhir
Tarunbir Gambhir on 29 Apr 2021
I completely understand your viewpoint, but as of now we do not have any tool/facility that do this specifically. However, I have brought this to light to the relevant teams and they might consider it in the future.

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