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What is the GUI version for emlc(or emlmex) in linux 2009b version

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R on 24 Jun 2013
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I know newer versons of linux matlab have coder as GUI which seems not availabe in linux 2009b. So am I corrct on this, that, there is no GUI for emlc(or emlmex) in linux 2009b version ? Thanks.
R on 25 Jun 2013
Thanks. The problem for me is with the linux matlab 2009b I am using, specifically with the emlc(or emlmex). Basically I want to create MEX functions from .m functions. I know I need to specifiy the class, size... etc for the inputs. For my case, I need to specify one input to be a column vector of variable size in double class. That is, this input vector can change in length and theoretically does not have an upper bound. In the GUI version I would just use :inf. But, how do I do that in command line ?

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Fred Smith
Fred Smith on 25 Jun 2013
The GUI was introduced in R2011a.
Ryan Livingston
Ryan Livingston on 25 Jun 2013
Have a look at
doc emlcoder.egs
to specify arguments on the command line. You can do something like:
ex = emlcoder.egs(zeros(3,2), [1000, 1234], [1 1])
and pass that to emlc:
emlc foo.m -eg ex -report
to specify that the input of foo.m is a double matrix with dimensions
Unfortunately, I don't believe the ability to use unbounded variable sizing was available in R2009b.



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