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make a better map

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hi, how can i edit and change the colormap to make it better?
this is my script:
ax = axes();
Spi3=permute(New_freq,[2 3 1]);
shading interp
thank you in advance!
Nurul Ain Basirah Zakaria
Nurul Ain Basirah Zakaria on 15 Apr 2021
how can I make this region more clearer? my data is matrix of 1x32x20.

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Accepted Answer

Bjorn Gustavsson
Bjorn Gustavsson on 15 Apr 2021
You should try:
shading flat
instead of the interp option. You will have to accept the fact that you only have data in a 32-by-20 matrix, that will limit the detail in regions with gradients and structure.
If you want much neater display you will have to gather data with higher resolution, if you're "lucky" you might get a bit neater presentation by interpolating the data to a finer grid - this implicitly makes the assumption that Spi3 varies according to the interpolation-method of your choise between the data points.
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Nurul Ain Basirah Zakaria
Nurul Ain Basirah Zakaria on 17 Apr 2021
thank you very much sir!

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