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can use polyspace V2020b with Matlab R2019a ?

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Sonali Patil
Sonali Patil on 15 Apr 2021
Commented: Anirban on 19 Apr 2021
I am facing error while using polyspace 2020b version with matlab r2019a.
* When I open matlab r2019a with administrator ,polyspace function working. but when i am trying to use in normal mode , polyspace function showing function error in matlab command window.
* when i try to open 2 matlab window on system ,it's showing "License manager error - 9 "

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Anirban on 15 Apr 2021
You can use Polyspace R2020b with MATLAB R2019a, but some functionalities are not available in a cross-release integration. See more details in Polyspace Support of MATLAB and Simulink from Different Releases.
The license manager error -9 is related to unactivated software. See, for example, Why do I receive license manager error -9. Can you answer a couple more questions to help us understand the issue:
  • Are you able to run Polyspace outside of MATLAB? For instance, from the Polyspace UI or command line using the polyspace-bug-finder executable.
  • Are you getting the license manager error -9 when running Polyspace function in normal mode? Or is it a different error? Which function were you trying to run and what was the error?
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Anirban on 19 Apr 2021
Is this true for any function or some specific Polyspace function?

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