Fresh install of Matlab extremely slow and freezes

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My computer had a previous version of Matlab installed (that worked perfectly fine at the time), which I removed before installing the new R2021a release. However, Matlab is suddenly extremely slow (takes minutes to execute a simple file) and unresponsive and freezes quite regularly. Looking at task manager it isn't actually doing anything, 0% CPU, Disk and Network. I have tried to remove all matlab related files and manually deleted all appdata before installing it again, but to no avail, also with older versions of Matlab.
I use a student license for 2 computers, but that shouldn't be the problem I think. The only possible fix I can think of is to factory reset my PC, but obviously I'd rather not have to do that.

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Mads on 8 May 2021
I have the same problem.
I use a University license.
Matlab R2021a is extremely unstable. Slow and freezes.
it has nothing to do with your 2 computers and factory reset your of pc will likely not help. I run it on a mac and get the same problems.

Marco Cattaldo
Marco Cattaldo on 29 Nov 2021
Same here with total academin headcount license with 2021b, I had a standalone of 2021a and it worked perfectly
(also did anyone get a workaround or a solve for this? I kinda can't work because the program always freezes)


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